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Motor Insurance in Hong Kong

In order to legally driving your car on road in Hong Kong, not only you are required to have a valid Hong Kong driver license, an insurance covering your car is also necessary.

There are two kinds of car insurance in Hong Kong. One is Third Party Only Car Insurance, the other is Comprehensive Car Insurance.

Third Party Only Coverage

In the motor accident event, if you become legally liable for injury or death to third party, or damage to third party property, this plan will cover you up to the policy limits. The standard limits of indemnity as follow:

  • Bodily Injury or Death of Third Party: HK$100,000,000
  • Damage to Third Party Property: HK$2,000,000
Comprehensive Coverage

This plan will cover the damage or theft to your car. Benefits are different in terms of different insurers. Normally, by taking this plan, you will have NCD protection benefit, one year depreciation waiver benefit, new car replacement service, personal accident benefit, claim service and towing service as well.


Excess is usual applied in Hong Kong motor insurance. That's the amount payable by the policy holder in the event of a claim before the insurer start to pay. Let's say you have HK$5,000 excess, your claimable amount should be the total claim amount minus this excess. For example, your claim amount is HK$30,000, the claimable amount is HK$25,000.

NCD/NCB (No Claim Discount or No Claim Bonus)

If you can prove you have been claim free and accident free and have owned a car in the preceding 12 months, Hong Kong insurers will discount their premiums by:

No accidents/claimsDiscount factor
1 year20%
2 years30%
3 years40%
4 years50%
5 years60%

This no claim entitlement follows the vehicle rather than the driver. This means if you own 2 cars in HK, each one will need to 'earn' its own No Claim Discount.

Cover Note

A cover note is a temporary document, effectively constituting a temporary policy.Details

How To Get A Motor Insurance in Hong Kong

  1. Prepare your HKID, HK valid driver license, VRD (Vehicle Registration Document)
  2. Get quotation from different channels from onlin search engine like Google
  3. Compare the quotation you get from different channels, in terms of premium, benefits and excesses
  4. Apply online or fill out the application form, then issue the cover note
  5. Pay for this insurance by means of credit card payment, cheque delivery etc.
  6. Get your policy, done.